General Dermatology

Our dermatologists’ eyes are uniquely trained to analyze the skin, hair, and nails. Acne, warts, rashes, hair loss, mole checks, skin cancer are among the common skin disorders we treat everyday. They can spot potential problems and diagnose a multitude of conditions that range from minor to life-threatening.

These skills and knowledge can improve the lives of patients of all ages — the infant with a red birthmark, the child with eczema, teenagers with acne, adults with sun-damaged skin, the senior citizen with shingles — effectively treating their skin conditions and making them look and feel their best.

Our doctors are also a great resource for learning how to prevent skin, hair, and nail problems. They can teach you how to protect yourself from the sun to avoid skin cancer, educate you about types of hair loss, and advise you about how to care for your nails to prevent common conditions such as nail fungus, for example.

Furthermore, your NADC dermatologist can counsel you about effective anti-aging techniques based on science and proven through research. Please visit the American Academy of Dermatology’s website for patient education on skin disease and conditions “Dermatology A to Z”.

Some of the Conditions We Treat

Acne Eczema Dry Skin
Moles Hairloss Male / Female Baldness
Warts Hives Alopecia
Rosacea Psoriasis Dermatitis
Squamous Cell Carcinoma Skin Cancer Poison Ivy
Melanoma Lice Hives

Medical Dermatology

Full-body skin exams are an important tool in screening patients for benign or cancerous lesions that they may not have been able to see or recognize on their own. From head to toe and back to front, we inspect the skin for any suspicious growths.

This quick and painless preventive measure is an invaluable tool in the early detection of skin cancer as well as many other dermatological conditions.

We recommend annual skin checks to ensure any changes in the skin are monitored appropriately.